Vehicle Registration

Registering an Imported or Classic Vehicle in the UK

Motors Through Time are able to offer a full registration service for your imported vehicle or ‘barn find’. We can complete the HMRC and DVLA paperwork and apply for all necessary documents on your behalf.

In order to register a vehicle with the DVLA it is preferable, and cheaper to have existing paperwork such as a title document, historic V5 or buff logbook. HMRC will need to be notified of the vehicle’s existence and the vehicle entered onto the NOVA database in order to obtain a current V5 title for the vehicle. This is the case even if the vehicle has been in your uncle’s shed since 1976.

In some cases, a vehicle will have no paperwork whatsoever in which case a dating letter will have to be obtained in order to register the vehicle, and receive an age-related UK number plate. This is easier for vehicles with a short production run, or where vehicle records are available. Vehicles with a long production run, and no build records will be harder to date. We like a challenge though!

This can all be rather a lengthy process with the DVLA taking up to 6 weeks to return the V5 registration document. This excludes the time taken to produce a DVLA approved dating letter. We only use DVLA approved inspectors for the dating letters.

Confused by the process? Just want a log book?

What We Need From You

NOVA number

(Notification of Vehicle Arrival) If you don’t have this, we can make the application for you.

Title document

If unavailable, we will require photos of the vehicle, the VIN number, engine number (if possible), and odometer and will need to obtain a dating letter.

Bill of sale/Purchase invoice


We also need the following documents to support the application for the V5 registration:

• Full name and address

• Photocopy of Passport

• Photocopy of Driving License or Birth Certificate

• Recent utility bill (within the last 3 months) or:

• Recent bank statement (within the last 3 months) or:

• Current council tax bill

• Payment for the vehicle tax (if required)

• The new registration fee of £55

• A current MOT certificate (if not exempt)

Our Charges

Our basic fee for obtaining the V5 registration document – £250.00


Additional costs (if required):

Nova application – £75.00

Dating letter – £100.00

New registration fee – £55.00 (DVLA Standard Fee)

The above prices exclude VAT with the exception of the DVLA registration fee which is zero rated. Payment via bank transfer or PayPal.

Ready to get the ball rolling?