Bespoke builds

Many old vehicles look fantastic but the driving experience is often anything but.

Motors Through Time Bespoke allows for true freedom of thinking. We take timeless classic vehicles from any manufacturer, from the 1930’s – 1990’s, then re-imagine them for modern use.

Staying faithful to the original design ethos is important to us. We always aim to imagine the original design team would be proud and impressed with the finished result. It’s a delicate balance that only works with certain cars and absolutely has to be high end and sympathetically done.

The real excitement here is keeping the historic design elements but re-engineering the vehicle with capable modern mechanical technology and safety.

We tailor the package to our clients personality, intended use and budget. Finally we restore and enhance the interior space. Subtle, distinct and cool.


After hearing many customers’ tales of woe with other restoration companies, we now offer a full restoration service of our own.

It’s not always easy to communicate with engineers over complicated builds or engineering options regarding various gearbox choices or fuel system choices etc.

Many of our customers also don’t have the time to liaise with the restoration company.

How does it work?

Restoring classic vehicles is a big undertaking, especially when paying for the work. One word springs to mind and that’s trust. We work on a project management basis with only trusted partners. We mainly work with one highly trusted partner who do everything in-house and we manage the build on your behalf.

For more information and examples of completed work please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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