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1954 GMC Wrecker


In detail…

Right then folks… It’s showtime! I have a bit of a mad passion for unmolested old Americana and this really stands out to me as being right up there…

Firstly, do you own a pair of dungarees? Second, do you have a substantial beard, or the promise of one? Third, do you chew tobacco? I mean a mullet could also be optional if the beard was out… or both. A well worn baseball cap is also de rigeur here… you know the type with the dried sweat-marks…

So if you make the cut as a potential new owner lets talk about the truck…

Obviously a dually which makes it more bad ass, this is a Holmes GMC Wrecker. The back was made by Holmes and the truck by GMC. I have been importing for 11 years now and these just don’t come up. Old General Motors pick up trucks absolutely. Not too hard to find. These, almost impossible. I bought this off a gentleman in California and he had owned the vehicle for decades. His daughter who I dealt with over the sale even learned to drive a manual gearbox with it some decades ago.

Clearly the demand for a 68 year old wrecker as a wrecker will be limited but as a piece of history I think it’s pretty cool.

Options for this are to keep it original, or retro fit something like a Cummins 6BT. This truck is big enough to take the weight and it would be epic with stack exhausts. I have not attempted to start it and it needs recommissioning.

Registration is in process (as under 3500 kg), so will be tax and MOT exempt and can be driven on a car licence.

I will obviously sell it to anyone passionate about it I don’t really require you to have a mullet and check shirt! Or do I 😉

To come and see it or to discuss further give me a call. Don’t blink and miss it as it will be gone and the factory is long closed. I will add some more photos soon. It is available for viewing near Peterborough now.

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