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1929 American LaFrance

14.5 litre straight 6. Ideal speedster conversion.


In detail…

Up for your consideration is this incredible chain drive American LaFrance fire truck. This amazing vehicle was built in Elmira New York almost 100 years ago.


Despite being American, they are RHD, apparently so the firemen could dismount safely onto the sidewalk but I can’t remember where I heard that! For those that don’t know much about these, they are desirable due to being excellent Speedster candidates.


If you remove the back, lower the steering column and the suspension by removing a few leaf springs, you have a giant 1920’s chain drive racing car! Most people also shorten the chassis although this is optional. They are a three speed manual and low geared so in order to get more speed you can just increase the size of the rear sprockets.

We have not attempted to start it but the engine is free turning. There are two options with this sale. Option 1 is just buy it as it is. Option 2 is we can build it into whatever you want. They are used for the Paris to Peking Rally due to being so robust. They will also run on low combustion/low octane fuel. They have two spark plugs per cylinder.


The vehicle is currently in Cubley, Derbyshire and can be delivered anywhere.


We can register the vehicle in your name in the UK or export it anywhere.


If you know of any LaFrance parts I would be interested. Especially wheels or hubs. I also have a project LaFrance which is dismantled for sale. No pics, if you want to view just come and see it. It’s in my unit I can show you at a safe distance. I want £12,950 for it.


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